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Chipmunk ~ Vista Point

I took a last minute drive up to Red Lodge last Saturday.
It was perfect!

I popped up to Vista Point. I can’t believe I’ve never been up there. I grew
up just down the road.

A cute little two foot nothing boy with wind blowing his ever so shiny blonde locks
and holes in his knees (the way a boy’s jeans should be) walked right up to me
wielding a half a peanut. He said, “I na na feed a chitmunk!”
I sort of followed him around, trying not to be creepy, waiting for his big moment.

Chipmunks at Vista Point are fearless. There was a fat one, a skinny
one, and one missing half a tail. The fat one was a little scary. He tried to eat my camera.
The boy’s moment came and went and the fat chipmunk got fatter and the skinny
chipmunk got skinnier. Just kidding. The fat one was decently nice and shared. Heehee!

Then I popped down and started hiking up Lake Fork Creek. The water was fa-reezing!
And it was so nice! I’m currently in the planning stages of an over-niter at September
Morn Lake. Per the advice of a pair of 80 year old men I met on Sunday walking on the rims.
I was warned that Sundance Pass will still be heavily snowed in in the weeks to follow.
The story of those two coming soon!

I love my little day trips.


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